Modular drying systems from 80-1200kW

The Lauber LENZ is the ideal combination of German efficiency, simplicity and robust engineering.
We have 8 different sized drying units in the LENZ range from 80-1250kW. The LENZ comes either skid mounted or in a weather proof housing and is delivered pre-plumbed & pre-cabled to represent a true plug a play solution. 


Lauber LENZ vs Other driers..

Lauber have been perfecting the manufacture of wood and biomass drying systems in Germany for over 40yrs. Our drying systems have numerous significant advantages over the more recent “Heath Robinson” type approaches to drying which have a pronounced effect on both lowering operational costs and increasing the efficiency of the drying process. Key differences include:


About Us

Established in 2006, Thermotec Ecosystems brings together over 50 years of practical experience in biomass in all its forms, having operated our own drying systems for over 15 years and working as the UK importer/distributor for Lauber GmbH with a legacy of over 50years of producing energy efficient kilns and bulk drying systems. Thermotec Ecosystems also owns and operates Heizomat UK, the UK arm of the market leading German biomass boiler manufacturee. 


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