Case Studies

We have provided a sample of case studies where our drying systems are being used, information on the system used as well as contact details for direct equiries about woodfuel sales or to discuss contract drying requirments. 

We are members of the Hampshire Woodfuel Cooperative which enables us to ensure security of supply.

Incoming wood waste which is unsuitable for either logs or compost is chipped for use in biomass boilers. Read more about G K Benford & Co. Biomass

Premiere Logs started with a single L-ENZ 150 drying system but due to demand they have now expanded to use multiple drying systems ustilising multiple Lauber L-ENZ dryers, with hook-lift drying bins. Having multiple drying systems enables the simultaneous drying of various wood based fuels for different applications. Read more about Premier Logs


Using ” Superdry” Moisture content chip from ourselves requires less wood chip annually, as there is less water.

This means less deliveries required annually, your boiler will run more efficiently and will burn cleaner.

In turn this will maximise your RHI Payments.

Our Lenz drying method, allows us to force dry the chip using excess heat from our engines, this means the chip is a lot dryer than naturally dried chip, giving you more kWh of energy from each cubic metre of chip you buy.

Owned by the Earl of Limmerick, the Chiddinglye Estate was an early adopter of biomass technologies. The Estate started with a 198kw Heizomat RHK 204 boiler running a district scheme of 6 properties including Lord Limericks main residence. With woodland management a big part of the estates philosophy they invested in a HeizoHack HM 8-400 chipper, then set up a drop off zone for local tree surgeons, and then installer a second 198kw Heizomat boiler coupled with a Lauber LENZ 150 and drying floor system. Read more about Chiddinglye Farm