Andigestion Biogas Plant


Using ” Superdry” Moisture content chip from ourselves requires less wood chip annually, as there is less water.

This means less deliveries required annually, your boiler will run more efficiently and will burn cleaner.

In turn this will maximise your RHI Payments.

Our Lenz drying method, allows us to force dry the chip using excess heat from our engines, this means the chip is a lot dryer than naturally dried chip, giving you more kWh of energy from each cubic metre of chip you buy.

  • Less maintenance on your boilers
  • Saving more money

Correct moisture content is the most significant factor affecting the operation of a biomass boiler.

Andigestion endeavour to source all of our wood fuel with minimal effects on the environment, this means locally sourcing timber and concentrating on using virgin soft wood.

Andigestion can provide a long-term sustainable supply of wood fuel, we own woodland in Devon and  also have established links with Woodsure and The Forestry Commission.

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