Chiddinglye Farm

Owned by the Earl of Limmerick, the Chiddinglye Estate was an early adopter of biomass technologies. The Estate started with a 198kw Heizomat RHK 204 boiler running a district scheme of 6 properties including Lord Limericks main residence. With woodland management a big part of the estates philosophy they invested in a HeizoHack HM 8-400 chipper, then set up a drop off zone for local tree surgeons, and then installer a second 198kw Heizomat boiler coupled with a Lauber LENZ 150 and drying floor system.

The farm now supplies chip to local consumers as well as contract drying chip, whilst providing chipping and drying services to other local estates and farms that want to better utilise their on-site resources.

Please feel free to contact the farm about fuel supply, contract drying or chipper hire.