Fuel supplier in Kent

(850kW Heizomat Biomass Boiler with 650kW Lauber L-ENZ Drying Unit)

Project History
The owner was looking to grow his company into one of Kents leading biomass fuel suppliers with an ability to fulfil large orders of quality dry woodchip and firewood logs to tight time-scales and that’s when Nexus Energy were commissioned to provide a drying solution to meet this aspiration.
Nexus Energy Ltd designed and specified an effective woodchip drying installation using a Heizomat RHK-AK 850 (850kW) fully modulating biomass boiler and purpose built Lauber L-ENZ 650 biomass drying system.
The existing building was designed and adapted to facilitate a new boiler house and fuel store therefore reducing the capital expense of building a new space.  The boiler was then connected directly into the self containerised L-ENZ unit with the warm air passed through a rigid duct and double insulated spiraflex hosing into 6 purpose built hook lift drying containers (with drying floors adapted to take both woodchip and firewood logs).
The installation has provided the capacity for 180m3 of wet woodchip to be dried down to 20% moisture content within 48hrs, ensuring high volumes of consistently dry chip without the months of seasoning.
  • Air ducts that transport the heat from the Drying Unit to the containers of wet wood chip
  • The Hook-lift containers allow the client to easily transport the wood chip using their on-site plant.