Premier Logs

Premiere Logs started with a single L-ENZ 150 drying system but due to demand they have now expanded to use multiple drying systems ustilising multiple Lauber L-ENZ dryers, with hook-lift drying bins. Having multiple drying systems enables the simultaneous drying of various wood based fuels for different applications.

Premier Logs was established in 2013, a family run business producing sustainable biomass wood fuels from 100% British Sustainable Forests, our state of the art drying process allows us to guarantee low moisture content wood fuel products for both domestic and commercial users, our products are Approved Fuels on the DECC Biomass Supplier List so can be used by Domestic and Commercial customers claiming the Renewable Heat Incentive. Our focus is sustainability, product quality, customer care and support.

DECC RHI Approved – Briques Virgin Wood Fuel Briquettes, Force Dried Wood Chip and Kiln Dried Firewood To Your Front door

Tel -01257 475914