Covers & accessories

There are a number of optional extras available:

  • Lid with pinion jacks: Fleece cover riveted to a frame. The lid is opened and closed with a jack.  Weather-proof Roll up tarpaulin with crank and ratchets for tying (comes with three carriers).
  • French door: These can be used as pendulum-type flap or two-leaf door
  • Grain hatch: for accesing grain. 
  • Air-permeable fleece cover: The fleece cover is steam permeable, water resistant when inclined, UV-stabilized and wind robust. It is delivered with a solid, material-reinforced edging and eye hooks. It is tear-resistant but not meant for transport because of airstreams. A rubber expander helps to fix the felt accurately at the upper side. The cover is necessary for drying firewood, it creates a backpressure to the fan unit.
  • Reinforced air-permeable felt cover
  • Reinforced bins are available for drying firewood.