Drying Biomass Products

Thermotec Ecosystems is the sole UK distributor for Lauber Gmbh and Heizomat Gmbh and specialises in biomass drying systems and biomass boilers.

We started in 2006 on the back of a hard wood sawmill business in Scotland. After years of innovation with a batch burning biomass boiler utilising wastes from the sawmill, we ran a series of home made kilns for firewood and structural timber. Over the years we realised the benefits of automation and control through the drying process and the resultant process efficiency. We went on to establish strong partnerships with Lauber to bring their products to the UK and create a local and regional support structure to provide highly automated, efficient and robust drying systems suitable for woodchip, firewood, grain and other bulk materials.

Please see below our full range of drying systems and the components involved, if you have any questions about our products please dont hesitate to get in touch...

The Lauber L-ENZ drying unit provides a complete solution for drying bulk biomass fuels, the L-ENZ can come either with or without a housing in various sizes. Read more about L-ENZ drying units

We offer a range of purpose built drying containers both from Lauber themselves as well as UK manufacturers. Our containers are designed with bridge perforated floors to allow even airflow whilst preventing the material from blocking the air inlets and a series of underfloor baffles that allow even drying across the entire surface area of the floor. Read more about Drying bins

Image of felt lid with pinion jacks and roll up tarpaulin for weatherproofing

The L-ENZ dryer can be used with various sources of heat including Anerobic Digestion, a Combined Heat & Power plant or a Biomass boiler.

  Read more about Complete drying solutions

Photo of a L-ENZ drier connected to a drying bin with a biomass boiler

We offer a wide range of drying floor systems for drying of bulk solids like woodchip, firewood, digestate or grain. Special bridge slot perforated drying floors achieve equal air flow for the most efficient drying.

There are various options for drying floors including:

  • Drying floor in a custom-made drying box.

  • Drying floor with RORO (Roll on / Roll off) vehicular access.

Photo of a bridge slot perforated drying floor in a container

There are two main types of ducting options from the L-ENZ unit:

Rigid ducting - Insulated or uninsulated, mounts directly onto the L-ENZ. Can be used in combination with flexible ducting.

Flexible air hoses- Insulated or uninsulated, connects directly between the adjustable air outlets to the drying bins and/or drying floor adaptors. Can be used in combination with rigid ducting. Read more about Air ducting systems

Photo of a flexible semi-rigid air hose linking a L-ENZ unit to a drying bin