L-ENZ 80 & biomass boiler of 100kw

This complete system marries together the L-ENZ 80 drying system with any biomass woodchip boiler of 100kw. 

  • Capable of drying 1 bin of chip or 2 bins of firewood logs.
  • L-ENZ unit comes pre-plumbed and complete with heat meter, pump or mixer valve, controls system and flexible air hose with either 1 or two drying bins.
  • Most biomass boilers can be supplied either as a complete preplumbed containerised system or as a boiler to be installed onsite. The L-ENZ will complement any boiler where the return temperature is critical, as the L-enz will maintain any desired return temperature.
  • Selecting a boiler  that is able to utilise low grade fuels such as chip with high bark:wood ratio ('lop and top', brash wood & coppice as well as rape straw and mischantus, is beneficial.
  • The Lauber L-ENZ provides a tried and tested German solution to efficiently drying high grade biomass material using lower grade fuels that are often under utilisied. If managed appropriately the process provides a solution to enhance the sustainable management of our woodlands whilst making available woodfuel for the growing localised demand.