Lauber L-ENZ 80

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A complete drying system image
A complete drying system

Extended Overview


The Lauber L-ENZ drying system is a compact and complete solution for the bulk drying of biomass fuels. Essentially the L-ENZ unit comprises of an air intake system, frequency modulated fan unit, high efficiency heat exchanger and a sophisticated controls system. This allows the L-ENZ to maximise electrical and thermal efficiency of the process dependent on the material being dried, the heat available and the target drying time.

The L-ENZ unit comes complete with its own waterproof housing as a stand alone building that can live outside, the housing is complete with pitched roof and gutter along with both lifting eyes and forklift pockets at the base. 

In some instances (for example with CHP’s, AD plants or areas with process heat available), the L-ENZ can be supplied as a skid mounted unit to be housed indoors. This allows warm process heat to be utilised as a means of ‘pre-heating’ the air, this often replaces the need for ventilation and lowers the thermal demand via hot water thus increasing the overall efficiency of the system and fulfilling two functions; cooling of the room and drying of biomass fuel.

The L-ENZ can be connected to either a series of purpose build drying bins, or a static drying floor or in some cases a combination of both. Heat is received via a flow and return pipe and efficiently converts the heat from hot water into hot air which passes through the biomass material at a pressure dependent on both the type and quantity of material being dried.

The L-ENZ 80 is suitable for drying up to:
1 drying bin (or equivalent area of drying floor) of woodchip 
2 drying bins (or equivalent area of drying floor) of firewood logs