Why dry biomass?

We all know that water doesn’t burn, we also know that the energy embodied within biomass fuel is proportional to its moisture content.

Traditionally wood is seasoned using natural resources; the sun and the wind, however seasoning, by definition, involves time.

Innovation and german engineering have resulted in the development of energy efficient drying systems to speed up this natural process utilising waste heat from a variety of heat sources and for a variety of biomass wood fuels.

Drying wood from 60% to 20% increases its calorific content by 245 %.

Achieved in 2-3 days for chip* and 5-10 days for logs**.

All of our drying systems are approved by Ofgem as eligible use of heat for RHI purposes and we strive to ensure all our clients maximise their on-site and local resources to ensure the thermal energy used to dry biomass is either waste heat or heat derived from waste biomass.

Every part of the biomass supply chain benefits from dry fuel; processing is made easier/faster, transportation is more fuel efficient by transporting wood not water and combustion
is optimised but burning dry fuel.